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Chemical Peels We perform medical grade chemical peels using compound acids available only to physicians directed medical centers. Glycolic Acid (30 to 45 %) Increases elascitiy of skin and improves fine lines and wrinkles. May lighten hyper-pigmented areas.
Microdermabrasion With microdermabrasion, your skin will become softer, smoother, and more fresh looking. This non-invasive treatment is a short procedure that can be done on anyone who want a brighter and more even toned appearance. This treatment uses micro crystals which are vacuumed through a gentle hand piece while giving the skin an abrasion. These treatments combat the signs of premature aging and are safe for all skin types. Typical results can range from softer smoother skin to disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles and sun damage.
Mesotherapy Mesotherapy is the non-surgical reduction of unsightly fat deposits. The procedure involves a series of small, relatively painless, injections just below the skin which act to mobilize and melt away fat. Target areas are typically areas that are noticeable problematic such as the buttock, abdomen, waist, thighs, and under arms. Other areas which respond favorably include the face, chin, and below the eyes. Usually multiple small injections are given during each visit, and treatments vary from 6 to 10 visits depending on how extensive the area being treated is. The concept behind Mesotherapy treatment involves a combination of medications, such as vitamins, supplements and other drugs, which mobilize and burn away fat. Many physicians agree that fat is mobilized to muscle tissue which then expedites the fat burning process.
Lipodissolve Advanced Lipo Dissolve is an innovative technique to permanently dissolve body fat. We recommend Lipo Dissolve for our clients that are close to their body weight looking for a non surgical, no down time approach to reducing fat on their body. Our clients are able to achieve a new figure with this non-surgical approach.
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